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Online Registration

Registering your child(ren) for the upcoming school year is done through the MDIH Infinite Campus Parent Portal
(mobile access is disabled)

We recommend using a computer or laptop to be successful

Please gather the following before you start:​

  • Household information - address and phone number

  • Parent/Guardian information - work and cell phone numbers, e-mail address(es)

  • Student information - demographic (date of birth, ethnicity, etc.) and health/ medical information

  • Emergency contact information - address and phone numbers (home, cell) for a minimum of three individuals who can be contacted in case of an emergency

NEW FAMILIES - Click HERE to start the online process.  You will NOT need the rest of the info on this page.


CURRENT FAMILIES - Click HERE to open the MDIH Infinite Campus Parent Portal and Login
(it will open a new window so you can get back here)


If you need assistance logging in, phone 414/351-7380 (during normal business hours) or email


If you get stuck on any part of the process, you can refer to any parts of this video to help you through.

IC Menu.png

Click on the "Online Registration" link 

Updating student information is on the left side, Registering a new student is on the right side. 
Click an option!

New or current page.png
New or current page.png
Begin Reg Window.png

Review the current information and click
"Begin Registration


Complete the Authorized user form.  Type your FIRST AND LAST NAME and use the mouse to sign in the space provided.

Make sure you click "Next" to move on to the sections that are hiding to fully complete each one. 

Each section is separated into categories by GREEN tabs at the top of the page.  Click "NEXT" to Complete ALL sections. 


Some will have multiple forms to complete (It looks they are hidden, but you click on them to view the new section).  The arrows show the "hidden" sections.


Click SUBMIT and you're done!

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