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Volunteer in Our Schools

The Board and Administration recognize and value the contributions that volunteers make in our buildings, and are appreciative of the positive impact that parental, community and civic engagement has within our schools. They also recognize their obligation to balance volunteer access with the need to maintain adequate levels of safety and security for our students.


A “school volunteer” is any person who offers to perform a service or carry out an activity during the school day or during extended-day, school-related programs, including volunteer chaperones on student field trips or other travel trips.  This policy does NOT apply to incidental adult visitors. An “incidental adult visitor” is an adult who visits a school, upon invitation by a staff member of the school or district, for a specific, limited purpose including, but not limited to, class party, speaking to a class or assembly, and is under the direct supervision of a staff member.


Click here to access the annual volunteer application form (including background check). This should take you less than five minutes to complete, and you will be notified upon successful completion of the background check, at which time, your name will be added to our list of approved volunteers.  We are very appreciative of all you do for our schools and students. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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