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School Safety

One of our district objectives is to provide a learning environment that is safe, supports learning, and attends to the social and emotional development of students.  We are deeply committed to examining the steps we need to take for student safety.  We have worked together to build strong practices and we remain committed to looking at areas for continuous improvement. Please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns so we can keep an open line of dialogue around school safety. Some specific measures we take as a district to provide safe, secure environments for our students, staff, families, and community include:

  • Annually ensure local law enforcement have up-to-date blueprints of all district facilities

  • Annually provide school safety training

  • Annually conduct school safety drills

  • Annually present school violence drill narrative(s) to the board

  • Triennially present and approve a school safety plan to the board

  • Triennially conduct a school safety assessment with local law enforcement of all district facilities


MDIH staff members participate in annual school safety training with the assistance of the Fox Point Police and North Shore Fire Departments.

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