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Links and info below regarding our athletic programs, schedules, calendars, forms, and more.

HOW TO REGISTER for Interscholastic and Intramural Sports at Maple Dale

Maple Dale Online Sports Calendar



Athletic Permit/Physical Examination Form


WIAA Concussion, Head Injury  and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (CHISCA) Information

Athletics/Activities Opportunities for Students

Please check the Maple Dale Sports Calendar for up-to-date practice times, club dates, and game info.

Interscholastic Sports

Fall Sports 

4th - 8th grade - Cross Country, early September - mid-October 

7th - 8th grade - Coed Soccer, early September  - mid-October 

Winter Sports 

7th - 8th grade - Girls Basketball mid October - early December 

7th - 8th grade - Boys Basketball December - mid-February 

6th - 8th Coed -  Wrestling January - March 

7th - 8th grade - Girls and Boys Volleyball February - March 


Spring Sports

7th - 8th grade - Coed Tennis April - May 

5th - 8th grade - Track and Field April - May 

5th - 8th grade - Girls Softball April - May 

5th - 8th grade - Boys Softball May - mid-July 

Intramural Sports

4th-5th grade - Run Club, early September  - mid October 

5th-6th grade - Soccer, early September - mid October 

5th-6th grade - Dodgeball Club mid-October - November 

5th-6th grade - Basketball December - January 

5th-6th grade - Volleyball January - March 

5th-6th grade - Ping Pong Club January -March 

5th-6th grade - Floor Hockey March -April 

5th-6th grade - Tennis April - May 


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