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Links and info below regarding our athletic programs, schedules, calendars, forms, and more.

HOW TO REGISTER for Interscholastic and Intramural Sports at Maple Dale

Athletics/Activities Opportunities for Students

Please check the Maple Dale Sports Calendar for up-to-date practice times, club dates, and game info.

Interscholastic Sports

Fall Sports 

4th - 8th grade - Cross Country, early September - mid-October 

7th - 8th grade - Coed Soccer, early September  - mid-October 

Winter Sports 

7th - 8th grade - Girls Basketball mid October - early December 

7th - 8th grade - Boys Basketball December - mid-February 

6th - 8th Coed -  Wrestling January - March 

7th - 8th grade - Girls and Boys Volleyball February - March 


Spring Sports

7th - 8th grade - Coed Tennis April - May 

5th - 8th grade - Track and Field April - May 

5th - 8th grade - Girls Softball April - May 

5th - 8th grade - Boys Softball May - mid-July 

Intramural Sports

4th-5th grade - Run Club, early September  - mid October 

5th-6th grade - Soccer, early September - mid October 

5th-6th grade - Dodgeball Club mid-October - November 

5th-6th grade - Basketball December - January 

5th-6th grade - Volleyball January - March 

5th-6th grade - Ping Pong Club January -March 

5th-6th grade - Floor Hockey March -April 

5th-6th grade - Tennis April - May 


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