8th Grade Civil War Event Tournament

The 8th grade students conducted research on a Civil War topic. Each student to research the topic and argue how their topic was the most influential topic in the final outcome of the Civil War. All research was done on Noodle Tools (a website that helps with the organization of sources and notecards for research).

On Wednesday and Thursday, each class had a tournament to see which topic was the most influential to the outcome of the Civil War. In order for the tournament to work, each person had to create “an elevator pitch.” An elevator pitch means that the students had to create a 30 second pitch with their most important points about their topic.

Each class voted for one winner. Alexis G., Morgan R., and Ayla C. were their class winners.

On Friday, Alexis, Morgan, and Ayla competed during FIT to see which topic was the most influential. After, the vote, Morgan R.'s topic, "the Role of Abolitionists," won the overall tournament.

Great job to all the 8th graders. Mr. See and Mr. Fishbach are very impressed with the effort by the students.

Morgan R., Ayla C., and Alexis G. prior to giving their final elevator pitches.

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